Telling Ginny – Seinfeld, Sniffles and Starbucks

After we got to the room a nurse named Shelley came in. She reminded me a bit of Elaine from Seinfeld – she had a LOT of long, curly dark hair and a very dry yet over the top personality. She was the one who gave us a lot of facts and hands-on instruction about living with diabetes. She was a great help and encouragement to all three of us.

Not long after Ron got settled in, so to speak, it was time to pick up Ginny from school. I went to get her because I wanted to be the one to break the news to her about Ron’s diabetes. I also had the feeling I would be spending the night at the hospital so this would enable me both to spend some time with her and to grab anything I might need overnight. Ron also made a list of things he wanted from home (mainly his DS, iPad and laptop!).

When I picked Ginny up she got in the car and slammed the door and I could tell she was upset. Oh dear. “What’s wrong?” I asked. She was on the verge of tears. Great. First I needed to calm her down from whatever was upsetting her, then I’d get to deliver the news about her brother.

She was upset because her class Out of Uniform Day the next day had been cancelled (actually, not even cancelled – postponed a week). She ranted and wept about how it wasn’t fair while I was thinking, here you are crying about your Out of Uniform Day while your brother is in the hospital with diabetes. It seemed rather surreal.

That morning she had asked about going to the mall after school. At the time I pretty much had no intention of taking her but now it seemed the perfect distraction. I had already decided we’d go straight there when she sniffled, “Can we still go to the mall?”. “Of course, honey,” I answered benevolently.

Her mood immediately brightened so as we got on the highway, after a brief discussion of what she wanted to look for at the mall I launched right in to a replay of that morning’s doctor visit and her brother’s diagnosis. She became teary again and asked if he was going to be OK. I assured her that, once his levels were stabilized and he/we had learned how to care for himself, he’d be fine. She commented on how at least he had a condition that could be managed and that things could have turned out worse. I was proud of her matter-of-fact and positive attitude.

Soon we arrived at the mall and headed straight for the Starbucks kiosk for comfort. After a drink and snack we visited Delia’s (for the last time!) then tracked down a shoe store where she had seen some boots she wanted. They had the boots in her size but since the shoes were Buy One Pair Get Another Pair Half-Off of course we had to search for another pair. I tried to find some cute yet comfy black shoes for work but couldn’t find anything I just loved. I didn’t want to buy a pair just to buy a pair so finally I gave up and asked if she wanted another (she has them in black) pair of Chucks.

At this point a couple of hours had passed and it wasn’t going to be too long until dinner time. We went home and I got Ron’s things together and packed a toiletry bag for myself. We drove thru Wendy’s, I dropped her off at home then returned to the hospital. Muggle Man and I ate our Wendy’s while Ron ate his second baked chicken breast. I had missed his blood sugar check, which was 330 (down from whatever it had been before), his insulin shot, and the first part of his dinner.

Muggle Man lingered a while after we ate but we didn’t want Ginny home by herself too long so he headed home. While Ron played on his 3DS I settled into the recliner next to his bed, phone in hand, to see what the evening would bring.